Upravit stránku

Holidays and internships

Are you interested in an internship/gaining experience in our company? We will be happy to offer you the opportunity to insight into our diverse fields and see what is exciting about working in KBA-Grafitec.

If you still have not decided on your career, maybe a summer internship with us can be the right solution. We offer these internships every year on a variable schedule and we will support you in trying out various activities within the framework of your interest. Students can also take a look inside our company. You can complete your obligatory work experience with us during a school year – paid of course. In our various departments, you will have many opportunities to discover and try what interests you.

We offer to students the opportunity to complete their internships with us throughout a school year. Your internship will be based on your field of study and area of interest, but basically you will be able to have a look at all procedural steps of mechanical engineering. If you like to supplement your basic theoretical knowledge gained during your studies with practical experience in a traditional, international engineering company, then we are the right future for you.