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Open house for our customers

On November 10, 2016 we welcomed over 30 our customers in KBA-Grafitec s.r.o. who were introduced our company by Mr. Sala and our colleague Mr. Vanicek from KBA CEE. Then the visitors could see the production and assembly halls where were seen CNC machines, measuring machines and printing machines in operation. Mr. Mračno introduced the manufacturing and assembly processes with professional technical description of our machines, visitors could ask questions concerning printing or production capabilities. The whole event was in a friendly atmosphere that contributed to the mutual satisfaction.

A Successful Day of Open Doors

On Saturday, June 25, together with our business partners, employees and other KBA-Grafitec s.r.o. supporters, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our manufacture of machines for printing industry. 

In the morning the company opened its doors to general public to show them the most advanced CNC milling machines, measuring instruments as well as other equipment used for the manufacture of printing machines. The visitors could also see some of our printing machines in action.

Despite the tropic weather, the company welcomed about 1650 visitors. Children got about 1500 advertising balloons and 3500 sheets to make foldable cardboard trucks and buses. 

During our print previews we printed out about 8000 sheets including posters and postcards with Věra Martinová who closed the event by her outstanding music performance. 

We look forward to the next anniversary

Open house day 25.6.2016

Come and see our open house day, held on Saturday 25.6.2016 in the area of the company KBA and also at the Staročeský pivovárek (Old-bohemian brewery).

We established a new Website for you

We established a new successful Website for you, in cooperation with the internet professionals of the company eBRÁNA .