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Our employees

Our employees

Experienced Professionals

Technical Jobs
  • a Machine tool operator
  • “I received comprehensive training in KBA-Grafitec. In a cooperation with my technical school, the foundation for my current activities in production was laid.”
    an Employee at milling cutter
  • an Operators NC Machines
  • “I’ve been working in KBA-Grafitec for over twenty years. I started in production on the standard machines and today I operate the most complex machines that we have here. You can also make your career in KBA-Grafitec.”
    an Operator at the CNC grinding machine
  • an Assembly Workers
  • “My colleagues enthusiastically welcomed me here and supported me during the early days. I like new challenges, which I get thanks to working with a variety of machines. In KBA-Grafitec I can increase my knowledge.”
    a New employee (has been here for 6 months)
  • a Quality Control Staff
  • “You can start all kinds of career directions here. I came to KBA-Grafitec more than 10 years ago from an automotive company. Lately, I have expanded my experience as a quality manager. ”
    a Quality manager (Previous experience: designer in Skoda)
  • a Specialized engineer mechanics
  • “KBA-Grafitec has been a flexible employer for me when I was studying and concurrently working. Employer even support me in lecturing the technical courses. Today, I work as a technology manager and I can benefit from a wide range of my experience.”
    a Technology leader in machining
  • “KBA-Grafitec and I have been on the same road together for more than 30 years. During that time, I worked my way up to production supervisor and can look forward to other tasks that the future holds.” 
    a Supervisor in production
  • “I like the daily challenges that my work in KBA-Grafitec brings. I am able to increase my expertise and at the same time develop my strengths.”
    a Supervisor in heavy machining

IT Jobs

  • an IT Manager
  • “I started in KBA-Grafitec on the shop floor in 1982. I got the opportunity to study and work at the same time. So, I was able to advance in my job. My career therefore got a new boost.”
    an IT Manager
  • a Software Designer
  • “I started my career here in the company 10 years ago. Over the years I have been able to increase my expertise and now I am part of the international development team in KBA-Grafitec.”
    a Software Designer

Commercial Jobs

  • Purchasing and Logistics
  • “KBA-Grafitec uses abilities of its employees. Eight years ago, I started as an assistant in the service shop and now I am a manager of purchasing and logistics department and I manage 12 subordinates. ”
    a Purchasing and Logistics Manager
  • an Accountant
  • “I got here the opportunity to develop my career. I have worked for KBA-Grafitec for 25 years. I started as a supply chain specialist, then a financial manager assistant and now I work as a chief accountant.”
    a Chief accountant
  • a Sales manager
  • “I made a lot of foreign journeys with KBA-Grafitec that have contributed to my own expertise. I maintain a contact with the head office in Germany and look for new business opportunities in all parts of the world.”
    a Sales leader
  • a Facility manager
  • “Tradition is the real thing here. Some of my family members also worked for KBA-Grafitec and I have started to work here as an electrician more than 30 years ago.”
    a Facility manager

Students & Graduates

  • “ During my studies, I get the opportunity to experience the real work environment and began making plans to work in the technology department right after my graduation.”
    a Student of technical university