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Our IT professions

In cooperation with other specialized departments, our IT professionals meet the precisely defined requirements that our machines need in the spirit of fulfilling the customer’s wishes. We always work across professional departments. This internal exchange makes us strong, because each of the machines draws on the know-how of individuals. We offer an exciting work environment, where you will feel good and where you can make use of your knowledge. You work in small teams of IT professionals according to the specific requirements of the customer, because each machine requires individual programming.

We are in a close contact with our head office in Germany. In particular, coordination with the business department, which is located in the head office, requires intensive collaboration. This means the occasional trip to the parent company to manage your tasks. Every day here is different - you can enjoy a job where your expertise contributes to the big picture.

  • a Software technician

    We look forward to your ability as a problem solver and perfectionist. Our software technicians work as architects on software based on our technical concepts and their further development. At the same time they work closely with the software and hardware development department at our head office in Germany. Good language skills, especially in technical terminology, are necessary. Our IT department continuously customizes software to meet the current needs of the customer and creates technical documentation. With high-precision technology and an experienced IT team, we are strongly focused on our machines providing the best performance for the customers.

    Our IT department is driven by your creative ideas and innovative capabilities. Your experience in creating software for industrial products and high demands propel us forward.