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Our technical professions

  • 2.1.1 a Milling Machine Operator, Grinder
    As a milling machine operator or a grinder, you create the strong technological basis of our company. Whether you are interested in gaining first professional experience in KBA-Grafitec or you already have the necessary experience, You can give the individual part is specific shape with us. You manufacture parts on our modern machine units according to the instructions and share in creating the final quality of our products from the beginning of the production process. For this reason, understanding engineering documentation and manufacturing instructions are essential. In our continuously improving company, it is important to work together as a team to fulfill the highest expectations of our customers. That is why we consider it important. Each employee is able to handle more than one machine. Are you technically skilled? Do you have technical acumen and know how to work with measuring instruments? Then you have the best prerequisites for working at the technical departments of the KBA-Grafitec.
  • 2.1.2 a Machinist, NC Machine Operator

    Setting up and operating machines and equipment. Those skills are expected on the position. At the assigned machines, you will make parts according to the requirements of our clients. Right from the start of the process you will influence the final quality of our products. That is why your knowledge of technical documentation and manufacturing instructions is essential. You should be able to create a control program for NC machines and also specify corrections for them. In our continuously improving company, it is important to work together as one team to fulfil the highest expectations of our customers. For this reason, we consider it important that each employee can handle more than one machine and he is flexible. You will work closely with the supervisor, for example in optimizing the machining processes and monitoring the production process.

    Are you interested in managing and operating machines? Are you familiar with them and do you have knowledge of measuring instruments? Then you have the best prerequisites for working at the technical departments in KBA-Grafitec.

  • 2.1.3 a Assembly worker

    In our assembly department, you will be responsible for joining individual pieces together to the final product. You will assemble rollers for printing machines out of the supplied components. Together with understanding of technical documentation and assembly instructions, combined with an engineering education, you have the right prerequisites to start your career in assembly in KBA-Grafitec. We work with high-precision micro-technologies. That is why knowledge of the technological procedures of assembly, tools and fixtures is essential at the assembly department. In our company, every employee contributes to the final product.

    In our continuously improving company, it is important that the team cooperation meets the most-precise expectations of our customers. Therefore, we consider it important that all employees manage more assembly procedures in a detail
  • 2.1.4 a Quality checker

    The ability to analyze and recognize a properly manufactured product is combined at the quality control department. With our high-precision micro-technologies, we are always able to produce the best products and we want to maintain this high standard at all times. For this reason, we are looking for employees for the quality management area, who will support us with their technical expertise and detailed knowledge of technical documentation. As a quality checker, you will ensure that our manufactured machines and equipment meet the highest technical requirements.

    Our quality control department is equipped with 3D measuring devices. Here you will check components for our products using three-dimensional measuring equipment and compare them with the required dimensional accuracy. You will prepare documentation for a solution for non-conforming parts and use the statistical methods of evaluation.

    We are in a constant contact with our head office in Germany. A very good level of English or German is essential for the positions in quality control. We can clearly communicate and meet our promises towards to customers.
  • 2.1.5 a Process specialist

    As a process specialist in KBA-Grafitec, you will set up the correct procedures. You will be responsible for the technological processes of machining and assembly. This includes, for example, the control programs for machining with CNC machines, choosing machining tools or optimizing machines and equipment. Programming mainly concerns the unique technologies of precision machining that we work with. As a process specialist, you will have a direct impact on the quality of our products thanks to adjustments in CNC machine programs. You will be involved in daily operational activities and prepare, for example, programs for offers and production for our customers.

    Do you actively contribute to solve issues? Can you manage machining technology? Are you familiar with MS Office or a SAP-PP module? Then you will enrich our technical department as a process specialist.
  • 2.1.6 a Technical designer - engineer

    Your ideas give us an important impulse for our development. Here you create design documentation to ensure the means of production and cooperation with external suppliers. Your work involves manufacturing, technical, qualitative and economic aspects. Just like us today, you can enjoy building on flexible modular solutions. KBA-Grafitec employees carry a great responsibility, but they also get the room needed to maneuver. As a professional designer, you are in a direct contact with management, because we rely on your ideas for increasing productivity and the quality of production. Our high-precision micro-technologies have allowed us to do a lot today and we hope to be even better tomorrow. You can help us, because your suggestions on how to use new production tools and machines create savings for the organization.

    In our continuously improving company, with the most precise expectations of our customers, it is important that we are in constant contact with them. This implies the need to travel abroad, the same as having good knowledge of English language and ideally German language. Especially with the experience of an engineering designer, focusing on modern pneumatic systems and with the knowledge of UG NX, you can make a decisive importance for our company.
  • 2.1.7 a Electronics technician

    Do you feel contingently in a multiple disciplines team? Are you interested in integrated solutions? Our electronics technicians assemble cables, wires and electronic components based on electrical documentation, which is created in accordance with the needs of our customers. This includes testing circuits and customizing software. It is an advantage if you are able to navigate the requirements of Decree 50 - section 5 and section 6. Every employee is directly involved in the development of solutions. That is the reason why it is absolutely vital to share information. If you have the appropriate language skills, we can offer you participation in the international projects.

    As the manufacturer of machines, who is highly dependent on quality, we consider it important for our colleagues to work with a cool head and diligence. We need a knack for detail in positions overlapping the fields of design, software development, application technology and production. It is important to understand the requirements of our customers and convert them into smart solutions.