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Plasma coating equipment

The plasma coating equipment is dedicated for application of plasma coatings of specific characteristics. By applying the layer onto the basic material, a surface resistant to abrasion, corrosion or for achieving better gliding qualities is being created. Commonly used additive materials are powders based on Al2O3 + TiO2, tungsten carbide, stainless steel alloys, alloys of nickel and chrome etc. The plasma coating equipment also allows coating of flat surfaces.

Technical information

Plasma coating temperatureUp to 22,000 °C
Load capacity700 kg
Maximum turnable diameter800 mm
Distance between the centres2,000 mm

Used gases during the plasma coating process

  • The equipment works with argon and hydrogen, used in combination.
  • The most common used plasma powder: Al2O3 + TiO2 for cast drums, but also for stainless steel and aluminium alloy