Precise production of mechanical components

Based on our long-term experience in producing printing machines and also thanks to our highly qualified employees we ensure the production of mechanical components according to the customers´ specification – drums, gears, large flat parts and non-rotational parts.

We ensure a precise mechanical production mainly for important foreign partners from Israel, Switzerland and Germany. Nevertheless based on the technical documentation we will be pleased to prepare an offer for you as well. We guarantee the strict compliance with the required micron tolerances, which we document with measurement reports. 

Based on your specification and demands we will be pleased
to prepare a complete offer including pricing and delivery date for you.

Production of drums

The maximum machining diameter is 650 mm, the length 2,000 mm. The surfaces of the drums are machined by rotation milling with a significantly higher efficiency than classical milling. We machine the semi-finished products on the WFL machining centre. Afterwards we perform plasma coating, the surface is then ground on the Schaudt PF61 grinding machine.

  • Grinding length (including cones) 1105.5 mm
  • Grinding diameter 460 + 0.01
  • Tolerance of cylindricity 0.01 mm
  • Radial run-out of the drum body to the cones 0.005 mm
  • Grinding of the surface of the drum body and cones in one clamping – grinding machine Schaudt
  • Semi-finished part – milling on the WFL M65 machining centre – drum body turned by milling

CNC machining of non-rotational parts

We are able to machine prismatic parts with maximum dimensions of 1,800 x 2,000 mm, with tolerances 0.01 mm. The sample part is produced on the horizontal machining centre CWK 500 D from cast material GGG50.

Side walls of the printing unit

The side walls of the printing unit are the basis of the printing machine, into which the several drums, roller sets and all other components are assembled. We put special emphasis on the stiffness of the side walls and the accuracy of specified holes.

Mounting of the transfer and impression drum:

  • diameter 215 H5
  • cylindricity 0.003 mm
  • perpendicularity 0.01 / 100 mm

Precise grinding of the surfaces of drums and holes

We can provide a precise production with 0.001 mm tolerances. The sample part is a flange, being used as mounting of the drum in the printing unit. The flange is rotatable in the side wall of the printing unit.

  • Tolerance of cylindricity 0.01 mm
  • Tolerance of circularity 0.005 mm
  • Ground to ensure a tolerance of the radial clearance of the flange´s mounting into the side wall with a tolerance of 0.004 mm.