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Production program

Our company is at present the only producer of offset printing machines in the Czech Republic. We are part of the holding Koenig & Bauer Aktiengesellschaft (KBA) with headquarters in Germany, belonging to the largest producers of printing technology in the world. The main focus of our production program are two series of offset printing machines:

  1. Series RAPIDA 75 PRO
  2. Series of full-automatic machines RAPIDA 76

Are you interested in the specification of our offset printing machines and components of our mechanical production? Have a look at all

Our accuracy is reflecting 60 years of experience in the printing branch. We are accurate in microns!

We started with the production for the printing industry in 1956. Since then we are eager to perfect it and use our experience for guaranteeing you an efficient and accurate production in micron tolerances. For the production of drums we are using plasma coating technology for applying non-abrasive ceramic surfaces. We also have a special line for black finishing, the state-of-the-art machining centres and a self-reliant development team. During assembly we are regularly testing the functionality of the separate machine parts. Finally we are performing printing tests with the customer being present.

Customized mechanical production + engineering

From offset printing machines it is only a small step to the customized mechanical production, we learned thanks to long-term working in the branch and a team of highly qualified experts, employed in our company. Precise mechanical production – namely the production of large flat parts, drums, gears and non-rotational parts, we ensure for important foreign partners in Israel, Switzerland and Germany. Nevertheless based on your technical documentation we will be pleased to prepare an offer for you as well. Contact us.

From Dobruška to your company

We produce and assemble all main components of the machines in our plant in Dobruška – in Eastern Bohemia, a region known for its high-quality mechanical production since the middle of the 19th century. We use materials and components only from checked suppliers, whereas the main components are carefully re-measured on the 3D measuring equipment.