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Schaudt PF61

The Schaudt PF61 is a universal grinding machine dedicated for grinding drums and shafts. Regarding the grinding technology, the company Schaudt is one of the leading producers in the world. Grinding can be performed with an accuracy of up to 0,005 mm regarding circularity and radial run-out.

The grinding machine is equipped with a system for non-round grinding of cams. Thanks to the rotating spindle head with two grinding discs, it is possible to perform the grinding of two different materials without the necessity of re-clamping the part, which eliminates the possible mistakes caused by another re-clamping. At present we have three such machines at our disposal.

Working range

Maximum grinding diameter520 mm
Grinding length (centre distance)2,000 mm
Weight of the workpiece between the centres1,200 mm

Grinding head

Grinding disc diameter, Spindle no. 1720 mm
Grinding disc diameter, Spindle no. 2500 mm