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Sheetfed offset printing machine RAPIDA 75 PRO

RAPIDA 75 PRO machines work on the principle of offset printing, where the positive picture is being transferred from the printing plate to the rubber blanket on the offset drum and further from the rubber blanket to the sheet transported by the impression drum with double diameter, step-by-step through all printing units. RAPIDA 75 PRO machines are in the standard configuration equipped with the ErgoTronic console and TouchTronic control. The job management (console) and press operation (display on the delivery) are not separated. 

TouchTronic control

The RAPIDA 75 PRO can be operated on the touch screen, alternatively on the wall display, which can be delivered as an optional feature. All functions are accessible with no more than only two clicks. The data exchange concerning the jobs with prepress takes place via a USB interface.

The range of functions reaches from displaying the inking zones on the ColorTronic display, the current pictures of the sheet travel, up to printing quality tests via the QualiTronic ColorControl system.

Overview of the most important functions

  • loading CIP3 data via the systems CIPLink X or LogoTronic Professional
  • saving machine parameters for repeating jobs
  • continual recording of operation data via the LogoTronic Professional system
  • remote register setting
  • controlling of the peripheral equipment
  • displaying the messages for maintenance/print-outs of maintenance lists
  • creating and printing pile dockets (via network printers)
  • image preview function

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The „One Button Job Change“ program shortens the make-ready by 50%

Using this program, up to 50% of the make-ready can be saved. All pre-selected make-ready steps are automatically carried out in an optimised sequence according to the time. The job and machine setting can be imported to the ErgoTronic console during the running production.

Beside the faster make-ready, this program also eases the handling for the press operator. The intuitive user interface helps to speed up the job make-ready.

Higher printing performance

The RAPIDA 75 PRO offers a printing size of 520 x 735 mm in the standard configuration. The option with eight inking units and one coating unit prints with a maximum output of 15,000 sheets per hour. Nevertheless you can also use our high-speed package with an output of up to 16,000 sheets per hour + special sizes enabling the printing of up to six standard catalogue pages or US-size pages.

The available machine configuration goes up to ten-colour machines with an additional coating unit. Machines with perfecting units and coater are available as well – for instance for printing 4/4, or 5/5. These machines print with a maximum output of 13 000 sheets per hour. 

Automated plate change system

The RAPIDA 75 PRO machines are equipped with the automated plate change system (SAPC) in the standard configuration. The tool-free change takes with this system approx. one minute per printing unit. Optionally the machine can be also equipped with the fully automatic plate change system (FAPC). After inserting the printing plate into the plate changer, all steps are performed automatically. The fully automatic plate change system relieves the printer of manual tasks and shortens the change time even more.

ColorTronic ink duct

The RAPIDA 75 PRO machines are equipped with ColorTronic ink ducts with 25 ink keys with a width of 30 mm. Unused inking units can be disengaged on the ErgoTronic console. Therefore it is not necessary to use protection pastes preventing a dry running of the rollers. Engaging the inking unit again, it does not need any cleaning. The setting of the usage of the oscillating roller is also managed from the console.

Additional advantages of the RAPIDA 75 PRO machine

Just like on the printing machines of the preceding series, on the RAPIDA 75 PRO machines all proven qualities remain unchanged – for instance the broad choice of drying systems starting from the energy-saving option VariDryBlue up to HR-UV, or LED-UV dryers for immediate further processing of the printed sheets. Moreover the machine does not need any larger footprint than other machines of this size class and the energy consumption is much lower